BIG Savings…

August 9, 2009

The big day gets closer, 55 days, yes the countdown is on. Its exciting, stressful and terrifying all at the same time, but everything is coming together nicely with some great savings.

Sponsorship has been very successful. Through Twitter and Facebook I have made some great contacts, gained great support and picked up a few great sponsors along the way. Planning this kind of wedding is a lot of extra work but its well worth it, we are getting our dream wedding at a fraction of the cost and we get to meet and work with some really fantastic people that are helping to make it possible.

Thanks to we will have our wedding rings sponsored. Thanks to Joanne David Accessories the bridesmaids and myself will have beautiful jewelry and accessories to compliment our dresses. Thanks to Jade Rose Designs for 50% savings on a custom handmade birdcage veil. Thanks to Amanda Keddy Photographic for big savings on our pictures. Thanks to for $50 Gift Certificates as wedding favors for unique designer jewelry. Thanks to Terry Kemp MLD Massage Therapist for sponsoring me for skin care, beautifying for the big day.

Also, thanks to my sister who works for a local hotel, for getting us a huge discount on junior suite at a swanky hotel for the wedding night. Thanks to an old friend for helping out with our cake, and another awesome person/business for helping out with center pieces. Thanks to my aunt for making the flower girl dresses.

On top of all this, we are saving by doing our own flowers that we will be purchasing from Costco Wholesale; coupons, coupons and more coupons for Michael’s; hand delivered more then 1/2 of our invites; had guests RSVP via phone or email to save on RSVP postage; and made our own invites and purchased christmas cards after christmas when they were dramatically reduced to use the envelopes for the invites. I will also be making my own programs and seating chart.

Keep posted for any other ways of saving I may come across.


Broke Brides Everywheres

April 23, 2009

I guess we are all over the place and not giving up on our dream wedding planning. So far there are 2 broke brides following me on Twitter and each has their own blog where you can donate money to help with their wedding costs.

I am a broke bride planning a wedding but I am doing it a little different than these ambitious gals (thebrokebride & helpmepayformywedding) who are asking for donations via their blog. (Best of best of luck to them!) I am planning a sponsorship wedding where I am helping those who help me. I am offering advertising and publicity in exchange for products, services or donations.

So I’m thinkin, if these broke brides can ask for money, why not add a donate feature on my here and see what I can get too. Donate to may cause and get your name/location listed among my sponsors. Why not donate to a Bride who is working a little harder to make her dream wedding a reality through a beneficial situation? Wedding Sponsorship. 

Watch for this feature, will soon be adding it.

Awaiting replies

April 18, 2009

Its bee a few days with out a post. There is sometimes not enough time and as I am new to this it has been a little challenging to decide what to write on, I need to start searching for inspiration somewhere’s. Any suggestions?


This week I finalized some sponsorship info and details, got my information kits designed and sent out to sponsors and potentials. And even still I am thinking about extra advertising possibilities that could be included in the sponsorship opportunity. I’m hoping that I will have some new confirmed sponsors by the end of this coming week, including the Bridal Boutique where my dress is from. 

So far the confirmed Sponsors are Joanne David Accessories, Amanda Keddy for Photography, and Hector MacNeil for DJ. I am awaiting response on a florist, a spa, the venue and  a local website for ad space. 

I am still seeking sponsorship for Hotel Accommodations for the night of, a rent-a-car/wedding car, more ad space to provide sponsors with and to place thank-you ads, wedding bands, favors (which i would love to have candy apples for this), shuttle services to bring my guests safely back to their accommodations. I am also looking for any business’ that would like to participate but not have any service/product to offer and would like to donate money in stead. These monetary donations would be used to pay for the venue/catering, the largest cost.

A: We are Jane & Andrew. We have been together for 4 1/2 years and have been engaged for 3. We live in Halifax, NS.  I am a Graphic Designer fresh out of school looking for my dream job working retail until I find it. Andrew is a shipper/receiver for a local restaurant supply company. We love to play XBox 360, him a little more then me, watch movies and TV, hangout with friends. We enjoy life together and are very excited to be planning our wedding. 

A: A Sponsorship Wedding is where a portion of the wedding costs are offset by receiving discounts on products and services, or through receiving donations, in exchange for advertising and promoting sponsors.

A: October 3, 2009 at Shining Waters Marina, Tantallon, Nova Scotia with a extra after-the-date reception in Cape Breton a few weeks after for all family members and friends that will not be able to attend the Halifax Wedding. 

A: To name just a few reasons:
– We can cut costs while still having our dream wedding.
– Businesses get to directly target their audiences in a unique and innovative way. They stand to gain exposure not only to our guests and supporters, but also the general public as a whole, as news of our Sponsored Wedding has travelled through local and international media.
– Guests receive information about vendors that will prove helpful when planning future events, such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, family/social gatherings, and even business functions.


A: We have already waited more than three years, and we are so excited and anxious to be married and start our life together. We want to share this day with as many family members and close friends as possible without having to cut our guest list, while treating them to an experience they will remember forever. We are still prepared to cut the list and simplify the plans if necessary.

A: Our wedding will look and feel just like any other wedding. Sponsor logos will not be displayed on banners draped from the ceiling, nor will salespeople double as wait-staff and hock their wares during the reception. With a conventional wedding, guests look forward to gathering ideas and inspiration that will help them with future planning, but they often feel it is inappropriate to ask the bridal party to share their sources. This information will be readily available for guests to take home or pass along to friends and family.

A: No. This Sponsorship is about helping each other out in a mutually beneficial arrangement. It’s true that we’re looking for discounts on products and services, but in turn, we’re committed to the hard work involved in organizing and promoting our sponsors. This idea is similar in theory to any of those couples that participate in the “win your wedding contests” that are hosted by local radio stations. The main goal is to save money, just like couples all over the world are trying to do, except that we are being innovative and trying something new that isn’t listed in a DIY wedding article featured in bridal magazines and on websites.  


A: No. We believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Some people have expressed that they don’t agree with what we’re doing, and we’re okay with that. This means they’re thinking about it, which means they’re probably talking about it, and everyone knows that the best form of publicity is word of mouth. We knew when we started this project that we would be faced with some opposition and skepticism. We are happy to report however, that the bulk of feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive.


A: No. As previously discussed, the details and planning that go into a wedding are topics of conversation among the guests on the wedding day. Sponsorship simply makes this information more accessible. Our officiant will not begin the ceremony with “Family and friends, this wedding is brought to you by…” He will instead welcome our family and friends to the most important day of our lives, which is what will make our wedding day sacred and special to us.


A: As a Graphic Designer, you can trust me, the Bride, to promote your name and logo to their fullest potential. My MOH and Bridesmaid are marketing professionals, and together we are committed to promoting each sponsor with tailored strategies that meet your business objectives. We are motivated not only by our desire to make the event a success, but also by the challenge of organizing the first Sponsorship Wedding in Nova Scotia.

Comments & Suggestions

April 8, 2009

I am open to ideas and suggestions about planning my sponsored wedding. Does anyone have any questions, comments, suggestions, advice?

It takes a lot…

April 8, 2009

…to plan a wedding, it takes even more to plan a Sponsored Wedding. There are many challenges that one must face planning this kind of wedding.

I am too excited to finally be planning after 3 years of engagement, and at least I have had lots of time to think about what I want and what I don’t. I’m enjoying every minute of it, although it can be a little exhausting it is so worth it. Receiving the love and support from so many friends, family and even complete strangers offering to help in all kinds of ways has been truly amazing.

Planning with the help of my MOH and bridesmaid who are both marketing professionals and along with my graphic design experience and a personal interest in advertising and marketing we are giving all we have to make this Sponsored Wedding a success. Too make our dream wedding a possibility and to promote and increase business for our sponsors. All the fun stuff includes coming up with a marketing plan, a way to promote our sponsors in as multiple ways without screaming “TACKY” all over our venue, designing custom sponsorship proposal letters and a sponsorship information package, getting media coverage and connecting/networking on social media sites to promote this cause .

The challenges are plentiful, to touch on a few…

First, staying strong, sticking to my guns and committing myself without getting discouraged when I get harsh feedback, angry comments, ignorant responses. Putting all the negativity aside and soaking up all the positivity, excitement and encouragement to focus on my dream. I know the positive will keep me focused and the negative will push me to work harder to prove that I can make this wedding a success!

Second, I need to convince the sponsors the benefits (of which there are so many, there should be a blog post for just this topic) of sponsoring us and to provide the right information to make them understand get them excited about the sponsorship opportunity

Third, I need to stay organized, be practical and stick to my budget. Which can be hard when you are communicating through multiple mediums and you are getting inquiries and responses off all sorts. Clear communication is key if you want to get your point across and address your needs. And just because someone is offering you something for free doesn’t mean you should take it, because maybe thats not what you want or what you had planned on, its OK to say no, you need to keep to a plan and budget and plan a wedding you are happy with. 

I guess included in these three, there are others, but my main point is that its not as easy as it seems, its taking a lot of planning and coordination and its not about a free ride, I’m working hard to make this a success!

Blog Inspired

April 2, 2009

After brokebride2be started following me on twitter, I discovered her Blog ( and thought what a great idea to reach a captivated audience, gain some support and hopefully find some sponsors. So this blog is one of my many efforts to find some sponsors and promote my sponsors, along with my Facebook Group – Jane & Andrew’s Sponsored Wedding,  on Twitter as SponsoredBride, and a free wedding website I am in the process of setting up on

I have gained quite a bit of attention and support locally through the Metro News – Free Daily Paper and The Chronicle Herald who did a story on me and the groom as well as some radio stations talking about our cause and interviewing us as well. We are so very appreciative of all our supporters and the 3 sponsors we have so far; Joanne David Accessories which is a local accessory boutique located in downtown Halifax; Amanda Keddy for Photography who will be a recent photography graduate from NSCC, with already a few years of experience doing wedding photography; and Hector MacNeil from Cape Breton who will be providing DJ services for the days events as well at the extra after-the-date reception in Cape Breton a few weeks later. 

I think I am really going to enjoy writing this Blog and sharing my experience of planning this sponsorship wedding, once I get more organized and familiar with having a blog.

I am a Bride in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada planning a Sponsorship Wedding. 

A Sponsorship Wedding is where a portion of the wedding costs are offset by receiving discounts on products and services, or through receiving donations, in exchange for advertising and promoting sponsors. 

Its important to know and understand that this SPONSORSHIP IS NOT ABOUT A FREE RIDE, it’s about helping each other out. We are hoping for discounts on products and services or donations in return for advertising and lots of exposure. As a potential sponsor, just imagine what all this exposure would be worth to you and/or your business?